Air Fryer Popcorn Fail 😩 But Made It Work The Old Fashion Way

So I ran across a recipe showing how to pop my popcorn in an air fryer…🙄🙄🙄 So simple, right?!?! I figured I would try it for success. ☺️ So I placed them in the air fryer and turned it on for the appropriate temperature and time. Once the time ran out, I cut the airContinue reading “Air Fryer Popcorn Fail 😩 But Made It Work The Old Fashion Way”

#FitspirationFriday Moves

Here is an example of a regiment I do to get my heart rate up after my weight lifting routine (especially after upper body). These exercises will work the full body and you will definitely feel it. Since I’m starting my maintenance mode, I keep my cardio to a minimum at the moment. I doContinue reading “#FitspirationFriday Moves”

Did Someone Say Dinner?!?!

Let’s just say it’s so worth it! ❤️ Try the healthy recipe below. Baked Salmon with fried cauliflower rice Salmon (flavor your meat with spices to your liking) 🤤 Salmon marinade ingredients:Sesame OilOrganic Granulated Brown SugarCinnamonLiquid Aminos Cauliflower ingredients:Bag of frozen cauliflowerLiquid AminosSesame OilEggsPeppersChopped Carrots & Mushrooms Directions:Pour eggs into heated pan with sesame oil.Continue reading “Did Someone Say Dinner?!?!”

12 Foods That Don’t Cause Weight Gain

One piece of advice often given to dieters is to eat until you reach satiety — that is, until you feel full. The problem is that different foods can have vastly different effects on hunger and satiety. For example, 200 calories of chicken breast may make you feel full, but it could take 500 caloriesContinue reading “12 Foods That Don’t Cause Weight Gain”

How to Make A Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

By: Well Plated (Erin) Blueberry smoothies are good for you, and this one also includes the perk of being completely and totally delicious. It’s bursting with fresh blueberry taste, yes, but what really sets this Greek yogurt blueberry banana smoothie apart is that its flavor is reminiscent of a slice of fresh blueberry pie withContinue reading “How to Make A Healthy Blueberry Smoothie”

My Reason Behind A Healthy Slate

It’s been a year since I started my blog! I’ve learned to celebrate the small victories and appreciate everything in life. I always try to look at all situations in a positive light. As some may know, I wrote about the time I had brain surgery back in 2016 and I’m here to share more about the experience. I am an acousticContinue reading “My Reason Behind A Healthy Slate”

Air Fryer Egg Rolls

BY MYFITNESSPAL’S RECIPES If you’ve been disappointed by baked egg rolls before, be prepared to be delighted by air-fried ones. The dry, constantly circulating air gives the wrapper a shatteringly crisp texture. If you can, aim for vegan egg roll wrappers (Nasoya is an easy-to-find brand), which get particularly crispy. Active time: 19 minutes TotalContinue reading “Air Fryer Egg Rolls”

Two Fat-Burning HIIT Workouts For Beginners

BY KEVIN GRAY High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular form of exercise that alternates short periods of intense exercise with periods of recovery. It offers many benefits, from improving your cardiovascular health, endurance and overall fitness level to burning more fat and calories per minute than steady-state exercises like jogging or cycling. This means youContinue reading “Two Fat-Burning HIIT Workouts For Beginners”

Your Quick and Easy 1-Week Core Workout Guide

BY SHANA VERSTEGEN Your “core” is much more complex than the infamous “six-pack abs” which refer to the muscle group known as the rectus abdominis. Dozens of muscles make up the core musculature, which has three-dimensional depth and creates or resists movement in all planes of motion. Proper core strength and function can contribute to:Continue reading “Your Quick and Easy 1-Week Core Workout Guide”

5 Strategies For Eating in Moderation

By Coach Sam Eating in moderation sounds simple enough in concept — eat only until you feel satisfied. Despite its simplicity, many individuals (possibly even you) struggle to keep their calorie intake moderate, especially when they’re around delicious, indulgent foods like pizza, pasta, and sweets. Now, some diet “experts” will tell you that you shouldContinue reading “5 Strategies For Eating in Moderation”

5 Ways to Overcome Food Guilt

BY BRITTANY RISHER Our relationship with food can be very complex, especially if we struggle with body image issues. Guilt and shame are two emotions sometimes linked to food that can result in negative eating habits. Although the two are similar, there are distinctions between them that are important to understand to develop a healthierContinue reading “5 Ways to Overcome Food Guilt”