Rayan Marks – Marks On Fitness

I was born and raised in Hearne (Texas), located near College Station. I am an only child so I grew up with a vivid imagination. I initially moved to Dallas a year after graduating high school. That’s when the real ADULTING started. Besides living in Texas most of my life, I’ve lived in two other states (FL and GA). I’ma wife (Sen’Derrick Marks), angel mom (Rylee Marks), dog mom (Teddy Bear Marks), and live by faith! I’m a small, online business owner of some delicious candy made from my husband’s secret, family recipe. The name of the company is called Sweet XII. The name originated from my sister-in-law years ago to represent twelve family members living in their household. Fun Fact: Sen’Derrick is the oldest of eight siblings. We offer homemade fudge (it’s not actual fudge but kept the original name from our older generation) and two variety of praline candy that’s to die for. Please check out the website in your spare time, www.sweetxii.com. Shipping is available, and we are adding new items this year. The process has already started. Marks On Fitness is a new venture to blog my journey and hope to motivate someone in the process.

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