What does Put Your Marks On Fitness mean?

Definition: To do something that will be remembered or that makes one successful; to do something that is very important or meaningful.

The name came about when I decided my pity party was over, and it was time to change my eating habits and re-direct my energy to a fitness lifestyle. God has given me so many chances at life for me to keep the same unhealthy patterns. I plan to show my marks on fitness journey to inspire the next marker babe, one footstep at a time. A quote I live by daily….

“With God, you will not fail!”


I want you to be successful in your health and wellness journey (or fitness journey) and reach goals that are meaningful to you. Fitness goals should be personal. We’re putting our marks on fitness!

  • MISSION STATEMENT: Inspiring Gen-X women to reach their highest potential through fitness and health coaching and education. 
  • VISION STATEMENT: A community of women who are inspired to reach their highest potential. 


Accountability – We believe in being the your perfect accountability

Passion – We dedicated to your journey

Fun – We work hard and party harder

Learn – We believe in learning to get better everyday

Dedication – We are very committed to your health

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