A Quick Healthy Meal

Simple can sometimes be good. Take a look at this quick video of a meal I prepared. It was very delicious. I struggle being creative with meals sometimes too. 🍽 Ingredients: 1 Veggie Garden Patty (Morning Star) 1 cup Broccoli or Green Beans 1/2 cup Jasmin Rice 1/2 cup Black Beans

#FitspirationFriday Moves

Here is an example of a regiment I do to get my heart rate up after my weight lifting routine (especially after upper body). These exercises will work the full body and you will definitely feel it. Since I’m starting my maintenance mode, I keep my cardio to a minimum at the moment. I doContinue reading “#FitspirationFriday Moves”


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About Me

I was born and raised in Texas. I am here to motivate the everyday woman and be your accountability partner to reach your health and wellness goals. I specialize in HIIT strength training and healthy lifestyle changes.

“Work smart, not hard!”

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