Our Favorite Cardio: Jumping Rope

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By Naturally Toned LLC

#Tonedbabes, did you know that Jumping rope can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient fat-burning workouts available.

Unlike other forms of interval training that are much more stressful on the body, Jumping rope has some awesome benefits. Such as it tones muscles throughout the entire body and develops lean muscles in all major muscle groups.

Of course, jumping rope optimizes conditioning and maximizes athletic skills by combining agility, coordination, timing, and endurance. Most importantly for you, it can help burn body fat.

Jumping rope is practical because, well, it is easy. Jump ropes are portable and inexpensive and can be purchased for less than $10. If you are at home and needing some cardio to do that is less impactful on your body, you’ve found it with a jump rope.

For your jump-rope program according to ISSA, start by jumping rope 30 seconds and resting 1 minute for 6 sets. Depending on ability, add 10 seconds per week or workout. Make it your goal to complete 6 sets of 3 minutes of jump rope, with a 30-second rest interval. When you are able to complete 6 sets of 3 minutes, body fat will have melted off and conditioning will be at a whole new level.

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Ray Marks #putyourmarksonfitness✨

Jumping into a healthier lifestyle! ❤️

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