The Pandemic Coping – The Struggle

A great, sunny day to be out on the town

If you are like me, I know you are missing your time in the gym. I feel like gym class is my “ME TIME”! 😩 But since social distancing has taken place, I’ve tried making my life doable right at home. Much has not changed for me, I’ve been working from home for a few years now. Most of my social life takes place in gym classes. 😆

#whatwaist 👍 Most importantly, it protects my back

I still wake up every morning before 6am (usually would wake up at 5:15am for gym class). My morning routine still takes place during this time…even getting dressed in gym clothes & shoes. 😜 I want things to feel as normal as possible. This important timeframe sums up my daily productivity. When I miss a workout, I feel sluggish and lost the entire day. 😩 Workout time starts anywhere from 7a – 7:30a and lasts about 1 hour. It takes place upstairs in my step-daughter’s playroom. The room has the perfect space!!! I only have to dodge kicking the dog because he seems to always find his way right next to me.

Teddy is always in my way

After my workout is complete, I go downstairs to the kitchen to drink my protein shake and eat breakfast. I use a vegan protein and the taste is great (vanilla flavor). It mixes very well in smoothies and baking goods.

Great taste ✨

After breakfast, I take a shower and then complete any company work I need to do. After I complete (usually done around 12pm), it’s about time for lunch. 😆 I eat lunch and then complete my duties around the house. When life was normal, I could at least run my daily errands. Now…🤷🏽‍♀️ We are all coping with stay-at-home syndrome. FYI…this social distance eating will be the death of me. 😩 #boredtodeath Everyone, please stay home and be safe. ❤️

Signing off,

Ray Marks #putyourmarksonfitness ✨

Nike….Just Do It! 💪

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I’m a wife (Sen’Derrick), angel mom (Rylee), step mom (Jade), dog mom (Teddy Bear), and live by faith! 🙌 God is good, all the time.

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