How Many HIIT Workouts Should You Do a Week?

BY LAUREN DEL TURCO HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is having a moment — a very, very long moment. With HIIT-specific fitness studios popping up left and right (and experts constantly raving about the benefits of the afterburn), it’s easy to feel like you should be doing HIIT all the time. How often can your bodyContinue reading “How Many HIIT Workouts Should You Do a Week?”

8 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for Weight Loss (BACK TO THE BASICS)

BY SIDNEY FRY, MS, RD Losing weight doesn’t always have to be about deprivation and denial. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Successful, sustainable weight loss is far more attainable when you focus on the quality of food rather than the quantity. Eat wholesome, nutritious, (and even calorie-filled) foods and you’ll be far more satisfied andContinue reading “8 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for Weight Loss (BACK TO THE BASICS)”

How to Have Your Best HIIT Elliptical Workout Ever

By Ashley Lauretta Updated October 30, 2019 While the treadmill is often synonymous with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), there’s another machine that can be just as effective with a lower impact: the elliptical. But lower impact doesn’t mean easier. As long as you’re putting for the effort, you can work up a sweat and burnContinue reading “How to Have Your Best HIIT Elliptical Workout Ever”

Four-Day a Week Workout for Weight Loss

By Jennifer Andrews Excuses for not exercising include lack of time and a busy schedule. You can improve your health and get fit in just four days a week. Do cardio exercise three times during the week with strength-training sessions on two of those days. Your fourth workout day should consist of a core strengthening andContinue reading “Four-Day a Week Workout for Weight Loss”